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IT’S TOO MUCH: “Come Out And Say Something”- Ssenyonyi To Anita Among

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The Leader of Opposition in parliament Hon Joel Ssenyonyi at a press conference held at parliament has urged the speaker of parliament not play hide and seek but come out and face the bull by it’s hones over corruption accusations leveled against her.

Courtesy of the Uganda Parliamentary Exhibition, Anita Among has been largely exposed in a well coordinated money scandal at parliament involving some junior staff who receive millions of shillings on her behalf to run her errands.


Its through the same Parliamentary Exhibition that minutes leaked indicating how the former Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga together with other three commissioners shared a whooping Shs1.7b amongst themselves as Service awards, Mpuuga admitted but he insists the cash he got is legitimate and has no case to answer despite pressure from his party.

Now Ssenyonyi is calling upon his boss at parliament to come out and issue a statement regarding these transactions. Some junior parliamentary staff have been receiving money between Shs100m to Shs500m in a single day to run her errands which the parliament’s director of communications Chris Obore contends it’s proper and no cause for alarm because the speaker is always busy and can have some of her activities done by junior staff.

“Let her come out and explain how did that happen, from the case of Kazinda, government passed a new resolution that money meant to go to bank accounts of staff members in government agencies should not exceed Shs5m to do different government works not their salary but here we are seeing billions being transferred to accounts of members of staff of parliament when that money is meant to do speaker’s errands, we want her to come out and explain because it’s a lot of money”- Ssenyonyi said in a press conference for the LoP.

Ssenyonyi also urged the speaker and the parliamentary leadership to come out and speak about people who are not known but work at parliament

“Even the auditor general said about it in his report that many workers were given jobs here at parliament under unclear circumstances, they sit here in parliament and work. The Office of the Leader of Opposition has different workers who help in running different errands. Every new leader of opposition who comes in, comes with his own team but me i said i have no problem with the old team and should continue working with their contracts expiring in January and i said let their contracts be renewed, speaker and Clerk to parliament told me there’s no money and didn’t renew contracts for the staff of leader of opposition but again we hear people are given jobs and contracts under unclear circumstances”-Ssenyonyi said

Anita Among through some bloggers has come out deny and disown the documents leaked but haven’t come out to give a convincing statement regarding the controversial and extravagant expenditure of tax payer’s money orchestrated by her office under her stewardship of the 11th parliament.

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