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JUST IN: Speaker Anita Bitterly Comments On Corruption Allegations Against Her

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Parliament has resumed sittings this morning after a 10-day recess since the speaker adjourned the house on 05th March 2024. Yesterday the clerk to parliament issued a notice to members of parliament to come and attend a parliament session this morning.

Amid speculations that there would be commotion caused by the Leader of Opposition due to the corruption allegations levied against Speaker Anita Among, police and army deployed heavily around parliament.


When it was time for plenary, Speaker Anita Among majestically walked to the chambers and issued her speech which left out the more burning issues at hand regarding the scandals that have engulfed her name on the instigation of the Uganda Parliament Exhibition which has exposed her extravagant expenditures.

Restless about the matter, Leader of Opposition tried jostling and arm twisting her to say a word or two about corruption, nepotism at parliament, she silenced him and said the said issues will be discussed in the parliamentary commission not the house.

Thinking that Speaker left out an important issue and she’s playing hide and seek, Lwemiyaga county legislator Theodre Ssekikubo who together with his colleague Barnabas Tinkasimire urged the speaker to say something. Ssekikubo during plenary raised up despite being advised to sit by fellow legislators, he defied the odds and asked the speaker to say something on the corruption scandals levelled against her.

Feeling tired of the same, Speaker Anita vehemently said she can never give answers on just hearsays claiming the allegations are out of her strong stand against homosexuality.

“I will never give you an answer on hearsay, or rumormongering. Me to answer you on hearsay? On things you have cooked up on social media because I have said no to [homosexuality].”-said a visibly bitter Anita Among

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  1. firing him is not the solution.we wait for answers from the mps.otherwise things are not adding up

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