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LEAVE KADAGA ALONE: Mufumbiro Goes Bare Knuckles With Speaker Anita Among

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It was a somber mood in Bugweri county in Bugweri district at the burial of Counsel Ramathan Waiswa the young brother of long time legislator Abdul Katundu.

Ramathan died in a motor accident at Akodot Trading Centre between Ngora Town and Mukongoro Town. He had earlier attended the Magistrates court in Soroti. His driver was rushed to Palisa hospital and unfortunately also succumbed to injuries.

His send off was attended by majorly political heavy weights from all walks of politics in Uganda and prominent one’s got a chance to speak and pass on their condolence message to the family.

When the mic landed in his hands, known for taking no prisoners, Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro the NUP deputy spokesperson told Anita Among straight to her face to leave Kadaga alone and concentrate on her duty as speaker than fighting Kadaga.

Mufumbiro told off Anita Among to let Kadaga be than dragging her in fights when being questioned to account for the money she misuses at parliament. Waiswa told Anita Among not to abuse Kadaga again like she has done in the recent calling her all names including referring to her as an old woman fighting her.

“For us in Busoga, we are for Kadaga. if there any issues don’t accuse Kadaga, you beat her and rested her don’t accuse her for things she hasn’t done, am just requesting you. Hon Anita Among, don’t go back to Bukedi to abuse that woman because she’s resting, i wanted to say that because am Waiswa Alex Mufumbiro, i speak my mind. Leave Kadaga alone, do your work, misuse the tax payer’s money but leave mama Kadaga alone”-Mufumbiro bitterly told off Anita Among

In the video making rounds on social media, Anita Among would be seen too annoyed as Mufubiro spoke without fear or favor telling her to let Kadaga be.

Anita Among was few weeks ago in Bukedea heard accusing Kadaga of being behind her woes of accountability and leaked extravagant expenditures. She did the same in Buyende in her husband’s constituency where she referred to Kadaga as an old woman fighting her. Basoga were bitter and Mufumbiro just used the chance to warn Anita Among.

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