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JUST IN: Anita Among Bows To Pressure, Recalls Parliament From Recess

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Amidst the corruption storm at parliament which has been brought to light by the Uganda Parliament Exhibition, the clerk to parliament has recalled legislators to resume sittings tomorrow 15th March 2024.

The recalling of members of parliament back to the house comes at a time when parliamentary leadership under the leadership of speaker Anita Among is under fire over corruption which has come to light over leaked documents online which have shown how the speaker spends billions on corporate social responsibility.


What has caused a mix of reactions as parliament is under scrutiny is the millions of shillings that junior parliamentary staff receive on behalf Speaker Anita Among in the name of doing for her corporate social responsibility (CSR). Chris Obore the parliament’s director of communications has admitted to this saying the always do this because the speaker is ever busy and delegates other errands to her junior staff.

Early this week, the shadow cabinet led by the Leader of Opposition Joel Ssenyonyi urged the speaker of parliament to come out and say something about the accusations leveled against her. They also urged the speaker to recall the house from recess such that these issues are addressed.

Their counterparts from NRM [the rebel MPS] Barnabas Tinkasimire and Theodre Ssekikubo also urged the speaker to recall the house from recess to return and discuss pertinent issues at hand as the country is seeing MPs as thieves.

“We can’t now walk with our heads high on the streets of Kampala, we smuggle ourselves and bold out. It isn’t now the best time to be identified as MPs. We are all bundled up, nobody is giving answers, should we all go by rollcall, not me, not me? We are all being castigated and we look bad in the eyes of the public,” said Theodore Ssekikuubo Lwemiyaga County.

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  1. Subject: An earnest plea to trust and support Mr. Bikansobera Patrick Amooti for the Bukonzo East Constituency NRM Flag in the forthcoming parliamentary elections

    Dear NRM Vetters,

    I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. Let me introduce myself. I am Mr. Bikansobera Patrick Amooti, the brother of the late Amon Bazira. Today, I write to you with a deep sense of determination, devotion, and a burning passion for serving the people of Bukonzo East Constituency.

    #1. A Legacy to Uphold:
    First and foremost, I wish to acknowledge the incredible work done by my late brother, Amon Bazira, in serving our kasese district and Uganda as a country during his tenure. His devotion to the betterment of our society has left an indelible mark on the hearts of our people. I stand here today because I genuinely believe in upholding his legacy and carrying forward his unfinished dreams.

    #2. Experience and Qualification:
    Building upon notable accomplishments in various capacities, I have acquired significant experience vital for effective representation. I hold a desirable qualifications and have worked diligently across multiple sectors, enabling me to acquire a versatile skill set. This wealth of experience positions me well to tackle the diverse challenges faced by our constituency.

    #3. Local Empowerment and Community Involvement:
    Acknowledging the importance of active participation, I have consistently engaged with our local communities, listening attentively to their needs and concerns. This grassroot association provides me with a profound understanding of the issues affecting our people and allows for meaningful involvement in the development initiatives needed for progress.

    #4. Commitment to Transparency and Accountability:
    Transparency and accountability are the cornerstones of my political philosophy. I am firmly committed to ensuring that the resources entrusted to us are utilized effectively and ethically. By prioritizing open channels of communication and regular progress reports, I aim to foster trust and confidence among constituents, solidifying our relationship and working together towards a prosperous future.

    #5. Collaborative Approach and Inclusivity:
    I firmly believe that collective progress can only be achieved through inclusivity and a collaborative approach. I am committed to promoting unity among various stakeholders, irrespective of political affiliations, and working together towards common goals. By embracing diversity, we can transform the challenges into opportunities for growth and prosperity.

    #6. Youth and Gender Empowerment:
    Recognizing the pivotal role of our youth and the need for gender equality, I pledge unwavering support to ensure their empowerment through educational initiatives, skills training, and entrepreneurship opportunities. Inclusivity is not merely a buzzword for me, but a firm commitment that I will actively pursue in all my endeavors.

    Dear NRM Vetters, my appeal to you today is fueled by a genuine desire to continue the noble work of developing our Bukonzo East constituency. I firmly believe that my experience, integrity, and unwavering commitment to our constituency’s progress make me the ideal candidate to carry the NRM flag for the 2026-2031 parliamentary elections.

    I humbly request your trust and support for this upcoming election. Together, we can achieve remarkable milestones and fulfill the aspirations of the people of Bukonzo East Constituency. Let us march forward unitedly towards a brighter future.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Mr. Bikansobera Patrick Amooti

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