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“Mpuuga Hasn’t Been Relevant, NUP Can Still Exist Without Him”-says Ogenga Latigo

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Former Member of Parliament for Agago north Constituency and also once a Leader of Opposition in parliament Prof Morris Ogenga Latigo has weighed in on the troubles in National Unity Platform saying Mpuuga ought to accept he’s in the wrong than chest thumping.

Latigo who was speaking to a local Television Station says it’s wrong for Mpuuga to say NUP is clueless instead of admitting he got entangled in a process which is not right and his party questioning him is very legitimate because himself [Latigo] was leader of opposition but he never got what Mpuuga got and continues to insist he wasn’t involved in any wrong doing.


According to Latigo, Mpuuga hasn’t played any significant role in NUP and any close observer of the party would tell that Mpuuga hasn’t done anything for NUP apart from the self delusion he’s boasting with.

“NUP has been in existence and anybody who is a close observer of NUP as a party doesn’t see any significant role has been playing in the party, we never saw him in those high profile campaigns that NUP did in the last election, he was never part of the challenges when they confronted security”-says Ogenga Latigo

Latigo says Mpuuga was never part of those hard hitting and challenging campaigns including confrontations with security that Bobi Wine faced in the last election even recently when he was doing mobilization campaigns before police stopped him. He says NUP can still do without him.

“So if you were not a participant what capacity do you have rather than self-delusion that he’s very powerful. whether he organizes his group or NUP goes without him, the way Ugandans leave every one to participate in elections and to participate positively”-Latigo further says.

His words come at a time when Mpuuga has reading from a different page with his party after his party asked him to resign from the commissioner position in parliament and he vehemently declined, got defense from speaker Anita Among who vividly told off NUP to let Mpuuga be and now Bobi Wine yesterday suspended him from being deputy president for Buganda/ central region.

Experts have said what NUP is doing to challenge their leaders on corruption is right but the avenues used might be wrong and are saying it might leave the party divided to which Bobi Wine has already said if it means the party remaining divided he’s ready for it as long as they’re standing on the right.

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