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Video: Gen Sabiiti Ordered Police to Kill Dr Kiiza Besigye- Says FDC

Dr Kiiza Besigye Falls off from The Roof of his Vehicle as Police fear Tear gas at him

Police has today engaged in running battles in Kampala with the protesting journalists, Makerere university students and dispersing Forum for democratic change (FDC) supporters who were set to hold a press conference at Namboole stadium.

In an ugly seen that’s making rounds on social media, police fired tear gas at Besigye’s supporters and later to his vehicle which forced him to fell off from the roof of his vehicle which almost claimed his life in broad day light. Later his car was smashed and he was smoked out together with his personal Driver Kato and currently being held at Nagalama police station.

Seems the Deputy IGP Sabiiti Muzeyi is reading from the same script his processor General Kale Kaihura was using to quell the walk to work protests in 2011 where Besigye almost killed the opposition kingpin by a one Robert Arinaitwe smashed Besigye’s car, sprayed pepper in his eyes and bundled him on a police car in an operation that raised mixed reactions about the police brutality in Uganda.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) have described today’s incident as an attempt to do away with Besigye’s life on orders of General Sabiiti Muzeyi who is proving to be more notorious than General Kale Kayihura.

“This scene today is evidence that Maj. Gen. Sabiiti Muzeyi’s instructions to Uganda Police Officers is to kill un armed Ugandans. They targeted Dr. Kizza Besigye and intentionally aimed to kill him. By the Grace of God, he is still arrive though incarcerated at Nagalama Police Station”-Reads FDC’s statement.

However, Police has come out as usual to brush off all the claims being made against their men in Uniform in a press statement that has been released to describe the deadly operation on the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) supporters and leaders.

This vividly describes how 2021 will be deadly than any other election as the 75-year-old President Museveni seeks to extend his rule in Uganda to 40 years.



  1. “Besigye was here telling you that he would stop, he will remove the IDP camps. How would he remove them? You can only remove them by defeating Kony because Kony is the one who created them. Besigye ran away to South Africa. He is a deserter. He left us fighting here; he deserted to South Africa. He left us alone in the fight against Sudan, against Kony. We have defeated Kony with you. Now Besigye has come to drive around on tarmac roads which he did not build. He is now driving on tarmac roads going to West Nile. Was he there when we were building the road? The road from Karuma to Alwinyo to Packwach, was he there? Was he there fighting when we were defeating Kony, fighting Kony and defeating them? He was not! These are the type who want to harvest where they did not sow. The Bible says whatever a man sows that is what he reaps. Besigye sowed desertion he should harvest desertion in the ballot box. When Kony was killing people in Barlonyo where was Besigye? In fact Besigye’s group was on the Kony side. Some of his people had joined Kony. Some of his people like Opoka were with Kony. So therefore, you people, the people of Lango you should ally yourselves with the reliable group like NRM.”

  2. Seven months after his appointment as Deputy Inspector General (DIGP) of the Uganda Police, Maj. Gen. Steven Sabiiti Muzeeyi, was on Oct.15 put on the spot.

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