Confused Kenzo Hits Back At Sheikh Muzaata


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Out spoken Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata yesterday while speaking at a kukyala function where her new bae Sebunya visited her parents, threw jibes at Eddy Kenzo who he accuses of being un-serious.

“One day i was talking about some thing and it was recorded and circulated every where when i was congratulating Rema for getting rid of the Love niggaz who don’t get married, they spend time claiming they are still studying their girl friends saying a wife must be like your mother, your are fool, go marry your mother”- Said Sheikh Muzaata

The 28 seconds video that’s making rounds on social media didn’t leave Kenzo the same who expressed disappointed in Sheikh Muzaata for referring to his mother who died 20 years ago and worse of it the loud spoken Sheikh said this in front of Kenzo’s daughter Aamaal Muzusa.

  1. john wyclif says

    for sure sheikh l thought u would be a mentor naye u can’t be

  2. Sikolia mathieu says

    How can someone marry his mother!sheikh I pit u I can’t imagine those words came out of ur mouth

  3. Henry says

    okujjako obusiru bwa muzaata NGA erinya lye erya muzaata.nze ngamba ye NGA omuntu omukulu ekyosikyeyandyogedde kuba Naye muzadde.naye mumutegeze nti teli ayagaliza yamune kuzaala nduusi.

  4. mukisa richard says

    ,muzata you belong to a bunch of stupid pipo just use yo head and know why you were chased from butabala region fuckin

  5. Godwin says

    I used to think stupidity is far, but the fact is, it’s much in you so called leaders.
    I’m just more than very very very much disappointed in this so called veg Muzata.
    let me please leave it as simple as that, control your mandibles!!!!!!

  6. Mibiru Noah says

    nkizudde leero nti amagezi baba ga MIT we simigegyo

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