Making Sense Of Arch Bishop Ntagali’s UGX500 Million Fine For Sleeping With a Reverend’s Wife, What Does The law Say


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Collage of Ntsagali and Judith

It’s no longer news that Arch Bishop emeritus Stanley Ntagali slept with a reverend’s wife and even made her pregnant resulting to a child they share even before the owner of the wife could score a single shot on target.

Unlike Teddy Bujingo who cried all over media when her husband pastor Aloysius Bujingo cheated on her with a one Suzan Makula, Mama Beatrice Ntagali has played it cool and not blasted her lovely husband Ntagali for chewing another woman since she’s the one who introduced Judith to Ntagali after pleading with her several times.

Few days ago, we reported how during the 60th anniversary of the church of Uganda at St. Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe was a platform that the Ex Arch Bishop used to apologize to his family and Reverend Tugumehabwa for sleeping with his wife Judith and also apologized to his wife sighting that he’s also human bound to temptations.

However, it seems the saga is taking a new twist after letters flooding social media indicating that the reverend through his lawyers is demanding over 500 millions in damages from Ntagali for sleeping with his wife and also demands that the Ex Arch Bishop also apologizes to him publicly which he already did few days ago.

In his intention to sue suit, Rev. Tugumehabwa accuses Ntagali of encouraging his wife Judith Tuhamuhabwa to ask for divorce before the Kabale Magistrate’s court on claims of cruelty which he said was instigated after Ntagali slept and impregnated his wife before he could.

The former Arch Bishop has been given 15 days with in which to pay the disappointed reverend shs500m in damages and shs30m as the legal fees or else prepare to face the fierce battle in the courts of law.

Reverend after wedding Judith before Bishop Ntagali chewed her

However according to article 154 of Uganda’s Penal code making rounds on social media indicate that

Penal Code Act Article 154: (1) Any man who has sexual intercourse with any married woman not being his wife commits adultery and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding twelve months or to a fine not exceeding two hundred shillings; and, in addition, the court shall order any such man on first conviction to pay the aggrieved party compensation not exceeding twelve hundred shillings as may be so ordered.

However clause 2 of the same article which states that “Any married who has sexual intercourse with any man not being her husband commits adultery and is liable on first conviction to a caution by the court and a subsequent conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months.

According to Reuters, the said Article 154 Clause 2 of the penal code was trashed 14 years ago on April 5 2007 after a group of female lawyers filed a legal challenge against the attorney General sighting that “Section 154 of the Penal Code Act which penalizes married women on the offence of adultery is discriminatory in a way that men were meant to pay only UGX600 while women faced jail not exceeding 6 months.

According to the Bare Foot Layers, the scrapping of the said Article, adultery is no longer criminal and no changes have yet been done to that effect.

“The provision for adultery in the Penal Code Act of Uganda is Section 154. But due to a decision of the Courts, it is no longer a criminal offence in Uganda and so it is wrong- should you find your partner committing adultery to have him or her arrested by Police since it is not a criminal offence”.


Adultery is the term used when a married person has a sexual affair with another person…

Posted by Barefoot Lawyers- Uganda on Monday, November 30, 2015


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    Only of the writer of this Article addressed his or her mind to Section 21 & 22 of the Divorce Act.

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