Police Arrests Its Officers for Failing to Respond to Maria Nagirinya's Kidnap


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Police Spokes person Fred Enanga

The Uganda Police have arrested officers who are said to have reluctantly failed to respond to a kidnap case of Maria Nagirinya and her driver who were later murdered

Three suspects are in custody in connection to the double murder and seven were arrested for abstracting officers who had gone to effect an arrest.

We came up with an update on the progress of the double kidnap and resultant murder of the two victims. It is a case of public interest and we were informing the public on the number of suspects, three of them who have connectivity to the kidnap and murder. Said Enanga

The double kidnap and murder of Nagirinya and her driver is the fourth such incident this year. Other cases ended up in ransom demands. In this case, there was no other intention apart from murder.

We are investigating the motives. We believe several officers involved in this investigation acted negligently and were complacent. As a result, the Uganda Police Professional Standards Unit has arrested over 15 officers. Enanga Added.

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  1. Julie o says

    with the rampart kidnapping these days, we are nolonger leaving in peace becoz we are scared who of who being next in the line….God should interven other wise looks like Gods prophesy in the book of revelation z coming to fullfilment…

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