‘NRM Supporter’ Nailed In The Mouth !


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Isaac Katoogo

National Resistance movement (NRM) supporter, identified as Isaac Katoogo a resident of Mable District commonly known as Ambassador wa Yesu has been nailed in his mouth.

Katoogo who is a local artist, is popularly known within the Mbale for moving around playing his music loudly off a mobile loudspeaker,singing praising songs for the NRM government and president Museveni.

According to Katoogo, unknown people attacked him asking why he was moving with a speaker playing his song which he composed for President Museveni.

This is the second NRM supporter who has come out to claim that they had been physically nailed owing to their allegiance to the ruling NRM party.

Last month, a young man claims to have had his hands nailed together at Kalerwe because of his support for Museveni.

  1. wambi vincent says

    This is bad politics

  2. CAPTAIN OBO'O says

    What’s wrong with Ugandan.is killing a key for every thing.

  3. Juliusham says

    This is turning out to be a bad precedent for current political dispensation. We should not shy away from the reasons why all of these are going on. It would be naive ignoring.


    what happen that people?

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