Used And Dumped, MP Judith Babirye Resorts To Prayers And Fasting


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Honorale Judith Babirye

In Uganda, you can’t list the troubled celebrities and leave out Honorable Judith Babirye who is the current member of parliament representing women of Buikwe district in the 10th parliament.

After snatching fellow member of parliament in a work related romance that led them to a massive wedding at a swanky hotel in Uganda’s capital Kampala on July 28 2018 , dusk fell on her when she decided to quit the relationship and went on a self exile on allegations stemming from death threats to infidelity by her snatched husband Paul Musoke Ssebulime.

Things fell apart when Ssebulime decided to make a U-turn and went back to his first wife Nalongo Lukia and had his love sins forgiven and this proved that he used and dumped fellow Legislator Judith Babirye.

After releasing two songs titled “Buli Uziah affe” and Omwoyo, the troubled legislator has turned to prayers to console and nurse her heartbreak.
  1. Cynthia says

    Challenges are just there to taste your faith however Babirye being a pastor and a true gospel Artis. Nothing should hinder her from communicating to her God she’s not the first and last to go through such circumstances hence God will see her through.
    The God she serves is a true living God.

    1. Dora Dora says

      Learn to be soft hearted coz you have also ever made many mistakes and will still make them. Be kind and give people good Godly advice. If God was to make everybody in the world face consequences, nobody would be here!! Consider that!! Do to others what you would want them to do to you.

  2. Mande Leonard says

    yes let her face the consequences of rejecting her fast husband. u can’t be a gospel singer as well as a Christian and u go on to divorce ur husband for another man. then in ur music what r u teaching the people out there as a gospel singer.(hypocrite).

  3. kato david says

    God knows it all

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