Breaking news. Police Arrests People Power Leaders with Red Berets


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In coming breaking news indicate that Police in Kampala has arrested people power leaders with berets during press conference.

It should be remembered that the Ugandan Government through the Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs on September 18, 2019 gazetted the red beret as part of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces’ marks, accessories, insignia, decoration and uniform as provided for under section 160 of the UPDF Act 2005.

We shall keep you posted .

  1. osoma david says

    it’s definitely shows the usual style of current government intimidating the opposition,,,,,no news,,,,but one day Mr museveni and his oppressors will pay for their dids,,,,,,,,!!! u have tortured many in uo safe houses en other torture zones,,,,but just know that their tears is not falling on ground fo nothing,,,,u will pay,,, u can luk fo me too en do wat ever u want for saying some abt illegal arrests that uo going in this xtry,,,,,u are cowards,,,,indeed cowards,,,

  2. Edson says

    Any yet they have failed to enforce the kaveera ban, shisha smoking and public smoking but are fast to enforce this?

  3. Saleh says

    Mr.m7+his puppets are indeed cowards who pretend to be powerful, but TIME is the powerful judge. Very many Ugandans have been tortured beyond compare,and even others been killed under unclear circumstances by the museveni activists using state power+machines which are taxpayers resources. Nonetheless, deliberate poverty at it’s tips worse,poor education system, sick healthy sector which are all being caused by m7 government with the intention that many Ugandans should remain; very poor,ignorant and unhealthy so that they are easy to be manipulated during elections by bribing them with small money for votes and also continuous deceiving them because of rampant ignorance in them,as he(m7)continues to rule the country in bad faith.

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