Scared of 2021, Museveni Takes Early Campaigns to Churches


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President Museveni

After relieving the pastors of the burden to go for compulsory theological education in a policy that was still under the offing in the championship of Ethic minister Simon Lokodo, Museveni seemed to have made a deal with the pastors to give him space in their churches so he can talk to their congregants about his interest to retain the country’s top job.

However, inside sources reveal how Museveni will start with Pastor Senyonya’s Christian Life Church located in Makerere Kavule tomorrow Friday September 27th.

Unlike the previous General elections, it seems president Museveni is already in Panicky mode where he’s using any platform given to him to talk to gatherings to solicit votes ranging from burrials, music concerts and now to churches.

Seems he’s reading from a new political script, experts say Museveni had never been scared of an election like before when he was facing off with Dr. Kiiza Besigye unlike this time round where he’s set to face Musician cum politician and current legislator of Kyadondo East Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu who has not once or twice threatened to end his 33 reign of terror.

Pastor Jackson Senyonga ministries confirmed on their Facebook page with a welcoming message to the president tomorrow.

In a bid to win favors from the pastors, president Museveni distanced himself from the policy calling it a sole initiative for father Simon Lokodo who had earlier claimed the policy was initiated by cabinet chaired by President Museveni himself.

We shouldn’t e quick to forget that President Museveni held a sucessful campaign ahead of 2021 in the guise of Operation Wealth Creation where he won favors to be endorsed for sole candidature in all the regions of Uganda in a cash and carry manner.

  1. lubegasam says

    president museveni,need to meet with the lords ambassador to declare succes,or victory,and not only those of urban areas,but in rural areas like in namisindwa district,where iam also situated and pastoring under p.a.g ministries.(0778988720 /0700827806).

  2. Eddy Ambrose says

    Even if you meet varieties of pastors, bishops, priests, still it is God who choose a Leader n so insteed, pray to God himself to preoare you fir the next leadership of 2021

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