Buddo teacher Defiles Lukwago’s daughter


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Erias Lukwago

KAMPALA: Police at Old Kampala is holding a teacher identified as Kabenge attached to King’s College Buddo on allegations of defiling a 15-year-old student allegedly belonging to Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

Kabenge was arrested from the school over the weekend and taken to Nsangi police station where he was detained before being taken to Old Kampala police station.

Patrick Onyango the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson confirmed the arrest of the teacher but could not reveal details as investigations are still ongoing.

“Yes we are holding a teacher from king’s college Buddo on allegations of defiling and impregnating a student but I can’t tell you the details of the case,” said Onyango.

Our police spies told us that Kabenga defiled and impregnated the15-year-old girl, names withheld during the last holiday because she is allegedly two months pregnant.

Our spies added that police had kept the case from the public because it involves a high profile person and one of the academic giants in the country but it was later burst by one of the parents of the school who was tipped by one of the school workers.

“Parents of the school who learnt of the incident could not keep quiet as they are concerned about what happens to their children at the school,” our spy heard one of the parents talking.

Our spies added that police now want to take the teacher for medical examination to ascertain HIV status before other charges could be slapped on to him.

When contacted Lord Mayor Lukwago to confirm whether he is the biological father of the child, he told us that we called at night and we should call back in the morning.

  1. kingmarc Henry says

    the teacher should be handled accordingly

  2. Turyamureeba Emmanuel says

    Let kabenge be put on kalaba. Sorry for our sister

  3. Moses lokiduk says

    All this happen at a wrong time but Kabenge needs to be punished

  4. Caroline Nakedde says

    What is happening in our schools?The teacher should definitely be apprehended and have his teaching certificate revoked.Hon.Dr.J.C.Chrisestom Muyingo should look into this case

  5. reed bei wei wei says

    he should be castrated

  6. kanoga issa m ssanyu says

    Most of the time we blamw teachers and so men but let us understand the issues from first principles.those girls even tries to provoke teachers for love bannange u peapke you are talking because you are not teachers

  7. kanoga issa m ssanyu says

    The school i conducted my school practice hmm i saw alot of challenges.how can a senior three girl write a proposing letter to a new student teacher.the fact is tge girl was beautiful.but troes to a student teacher on test as she saw that i was in her age.bannange we are blaming teachers and men but may be we to change the rule.the fact is there is too much women rights and so children rights thats why we nolonger have control on neither

  8. kanoga issa m ssanyu says

    But i dont support what teacher did.dont misquote me.but there is something uganda shud change as far as women and children rights are concerned.if u lack professionalism you end up fall ib this young girls baits.a senior four student told a mathematics teacher to award her marks she was going to please her if he wants!!!??my lord is that the world we are living in.and still put much attention on the culprit and igonore the victims flaws and mistakes

  9. Johnson says

    A very big sorry,he should face law

  10. Irene says

    how can a professional teacher do that stupid thing? he needs to save his punishment

  11. Opito says

    Sorry for this victim,let that teacher be forgiven

  12. Anonymous says

    let this issue not over burden our minds! We are all aware of what happened simply because he might have been caught. In most cases, such things happen and no one gets to know! Good enough it was defilement, not rape! It simply means either the girl or the teacher seduced the other! Girls tend to comouflage while at hoke and bring out their true colours while outside their homes! There is no one to blame, just find a way to educate your daughters on how to conduct themselves in the society! The question is, why her! Was she the cutest in school or the one with the weakest mind to be seduced!

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