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Opinion: Bobi Wine the Unsung Hero And Hope To Ugandans Next to a Saint

Domba Julius

Bobi wine is not only “a king on earth” as claimed by Jamaican singer Mr Vegas, but also an African hero next to a saint in our times to be celebrated forever.

A saint is a trying sinner who never gives up. He improves his life and that of other people. Even though the word has been set apart and largely owned by the Catholic church to refer to those canonized by the Bishop of Rome due to their heroic virtue, it still carries the meaning that ” a saint is a trying sinner”.

On the 1st November 2019, while talking to a crowd of Christians gathered at St Peter’s square, to celebrate the solemnity of All Saints, Pope Francis said,” On the contrary, they (the saints) were people who lived with their feet on the ground, they experienced the daily struggle of existence with its successes and failures. ” Thus, saints live with us.

The canonized saints live in perfection with God only after their earthly struggle. However, the journey to sainthood in perfection, begins with sainthood in imperfection on earth. That is, a sinner stands against the greed and other improprieties of the earth. He gives up his life for the truth and for the sake of other people.

Bobi wine has proved no more less than a saint, he is not far away from the description. He

, whom some thought was only a useless ganja man, has challenged the most elite of our times by coming out to stand on his feet to air out the grievances of the least considered.

Bobi wine is a sinner who acknowledges his sinful nature, transforms his life not only for his own benefit but also for other citizens. He, who was born and raised in Ghetto, a Nazareth where many think nothing good can come out of it, can shake the “mighty”.

Like many saints who give up their lives for the sake of the truth and for other people, so has done Bobi. Challenging an African government is giving up one’s life for the sake of the truth. The life of such a hero inspire us to fight with him.

The Writer Domba Julius is a 2nd Year Student at Mbarara University and people power coordinator Mbarara university of science and technology

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