The Aftermath Of Museveni’s NRM Patriotism Fiesta At Kololo


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Museveni Shaking Hands with Event Promoter Balam

President Museveni yesterday hosted many youths to a fiesta at Kololo airstrip to deepen his presidential ambitions of 2021 in a much funded function dubbed beyond patriotism.

As 2021 draws closer, President Museveni after has stepped up his efforts to retain the country’s top job at all costs, from early campaigns in the guise of Operation wealth creation to churches and now to sprashing out money to youths who at the moment don’t need food but ideas to go out of poverty.

The aftermath of this political function organized by Museveni’s event manager Balam Barugahare, many have condemned the action as misguiding the youths and preparing to use them as 2021 draws nearer.

The comments of his tweeter posts after event are not sweet at all.

Dennis Alfred Elyau Replying to @KagutaMuseveni
and @Balaam_1979
Be notified that the youth have all agreed to attend any @NRMOnline
cash party functions organized by you. The money is tax payers money and they must get it even at a point of putting on #yellow garment. That same money will help them purchase red berret.

  1. martim says

    we need annual gathering like that to boost our support and love for NRM to strongly unite us together


    how about the realization?

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