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Queen of Vulgar Language Full Figure Meets Museveni

President Museveni and full figure

It has been days of speculation whether the queen of vulgar language Full figure met with president Museveni or not. However, singer Sevo revealed on his twitter handle that indeed the two musicians Full figure and Sevo met at state house Nakasero.

This comes at a time when Museveni is fetching what he terms as big fish from the music fraternity to join his campaign trail ahead of the 2021 general elections where he intends to seek a 6th elective term to extend his rule to 40 years at the helm of Uganda’s leadership and he also recently registered as a singer with the Uganda Musician’s Association

Singer full figure was initially a people power die hard but fell out with Bobi wine in July when she didn’t make it to the list of people power coordinators that Bobi wine unleashed to spread the people power gospel in all corners of this country. So Janepher Full figure was officially baptized in the NRM and she no longer has anything to hide.

Museveni has tried his best with various people to counter Bobi wine but seems all is in vein, he started with socialite Bryan Kirumira aka Bryan white who splashed out money to different musicians but yielded nothing until the deal was handed over to singer Bebe cool who rocked different radios and television stations while contradicting himself against Bobi Wine after all these failing, Museveni further fetched Catherine Kusasira and Bobi wine’s former friend Butcherman as his advisors making Museveni one of the most advised president.



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