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BREAKING EXCLUSSIVE: Plot To Expel Zaake From Parliament Leaks, State Wants Him Banished As Mao Tables Angering Amendments

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This news website has established that a plot has been finalized by members of the Ugandan deep state to have Hon Francis Zzake kicked out of Parliament for at least one year.

They intend to do it in a way that Zzake is denied access to Parliament without permitting his Mityana Municipality voters to vote him back through a byelection. This is what some knowledgeable sources have likened to the state eating its cake and keeping it at the same time on the Zzake matter.


It has been revealed by multiple sources that the deep state members long decided to kick out the action-oriented Zzake so that by the time the very dangerous and angering amendments to what remains of the 1995 Constitution are brought to the floor, he isn’t part of the House anymore.

There are fears that whereas big sums of money will be used to compromise many of the opposition actors in Parliament at that time, there is nothing that can be done to overcome Zzake who is clearly incorruptible.

That’s why it has been decided to get him out of the way because there are fears he will lead riots inside the Chambers of Parliament to frustrate debate like he did during the Togikwatako days in late 2017 those days as a fresh MP in his first term.

So, using the Kinyamatama investigations, the Abdul Katutu-led Rules Committee of Parliament will rely on Rule 91 and recommend suspension of Zzake for one session of Parliament which amounts to one full year.

Because many in the Judiciary work for the same deep state, which wants Zzake managed and silenced for much of 2024 and 2025, his efforts to protest that suspension in Courts of law won’t lead him anywhere as cadre judges will keep postponing until when that one year will be done. He will then be permitted back at the conclusion of that suspension some time in 2025 when it will be too late for him to frustrate any amendments to the Constitution.

Officially, the Katuntu Committee has communicated that their report should be ready in the next 2-4 weeks and insiders there of say that suspension is one of the strong recommendations that are going to be made so that the Kinyamatama inquiry can effectively be used to justify the locking out of one of Uganda’s most patriotic, consistent and incorruptible Members of Parliament.

Kinyamatama is alleging that Zzake defamed her during a highly charged political rally in her Rakai constituency and it remains unclear why she opted to use Parliament as a platform to get remedy as opposed to instituting a civil suit against him through the Courts of law.

She certainly knew that actionable defamation would be hard to prove against fellow legislator Zzake through Courts of law hence her decision to politicise the whole thing by crying out through Parliament whose embattled head Anita Among passionately hates the same Francis Zzake and has always been looking out for the opportunity to get rid of him as a legislator who refused to kow-tow in her pohoo (in the Mukasa Mbidde speech).

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  1. I don’t support such a propose because tax payers money is going to be wasted and inturn he will win. Zaake is chatty but if they don’t want him let the government through the trusted mp they want provide him with all the necessary services to campaign for him.
    I don’t support him but let him be until next term to save tax payers money.

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