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VIDEO: Anita Among Turns Guns To Kadaga, Says She’s An Old Woman Fighting Her

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Speaker Anita Among is still restless as pressure piles on her to explain the mismanagement of funds at parliament to the extent that even the Inspectorate of Government has indicated she’ll cause an investigation and audit into the works of parliament.

Having failed to make a point of accountability in parliament last week when arm twisted by Lwemiyaga country legislator attributing her troubles to those fighting her for standing against homosexuality she now call bum-shafters, Anita Among now claims some people who want to to reclaim the speakership position are fighting her.


This is an indirect attack on former Speaker now 2nd Deputy Prime Minister, Kamuli women member of parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga whom Among believes is fighting her in her bid to reclaim the speakership she served 10 years after also serving another 10 years as Deputy Speaker.

As if that wasn’t enough while in Buyende in a video making rounds on social media, Anita Among now directs all her anger and misery towards Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga who she says when she fights her [Anita], she’s fighting the people of Buyende whom her husband represents in parliament as Kamuli develops.

She refers to Kadaga as an old woman who was in parliament for 20 years and did nothing for the people of Buyende. The other person she claims is moving with a candidate is reportedly Vice President Jesca Alupo who is a very close friend of Kadaga. Even when she didn’t mention the name of the old woman who was speaker for 20 years, Uganda has Kadaga as the long serving Deputy and Speaker for a period spanning to 20 years.

“They’re people moving around mbu they’re moving with a candidate, speaker for 20 years, what did she do for you people, did she do anything for you. The people fighting us are fighting you and it’s high time we chase away those old women, send away those old women, because they want to cause us problems, they want us to remain poor while as for them Kamuli is developed….”-Anita Among bitterly said to a cheerful audience of voters in Buyende East.

At the instigation of the Uganda Parliament Expo championed by journalist Agatha Atuheire and Cartoonist Dr Jim Spire Ssentongo, Speaker Anita Among has been squarely exposed for misuse and mismanagement of tax payer’s money with a handful of her close junior staff at parliament and confidants receiving billions on her behalf in the name of Corporate Social Responsibility.

She’s under fire for orchestrating corruption and turning parliament into a deal house and a place to settle scores. She censured Zaake from the parliamentary commission over personal issues, she also facilitated the censuring of Minister Persis Namuganza over personal issues. By attacking fellow leaders, she’s squarely loosing the battle.

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  1. Taxpayers money is being eaten by one person 500milion each fail to increase civil servants salary but being given to one individual

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