MP Mbidde Sends Difficult Message To Muzaata Over Kenzo Remarks


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Kenzo Muzaata

Ever since Shiekh Muzaata uttered controversial statements about Eddie Kenzo when he was gracing the Kukyala function of Rema Namakula where he stated that Genda Owase Nyoko that literally means Go marry your mother in the local dialect, it has raised mixed reactions.

Many people have pinned the motor mouthed man of God for telling Singer Eddy Kenzo to marry his mother who passed away 20 years ago and in his calibre as a religious leader, he must have controlled his mouth.

Social media was quick to suggest that the controversial Sheikh had apologized to Eddie Kenzo but he bashed off the allegations saying he can’t and will never apologize to a young boy like Kenzo.

Eddie Kenzo has since threatened never to stage or sing at any music concert in Uganda, he has also suggested Camping at Kibuli mosque until Muzaata apologizes to him.

However one man of English and is none other than EALA Member of Parliament Fredrick Mukasa Mbidde has come to speak about this controversy that has dominated the media in a facebook post.

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  1. Antonia Joseph Bwanika says

    That’s why many people tend to be knowing God more are the major ones who lack moral authority and in public.

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