Just in: Don’t Poke Your Nose Into Magogo’s Issues- Solicitor General To Janet Museveni


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The Minister of Education and sports who also doubles as the first lady Janet Kataha Museveni last week wrote to the Inspector General of Government (IGG) to start investigations into FUFA president Eng Magogo’s fate of reselling World cup tickets.

By instructing IGG to investigate the matter, the first lady was defying earlier warnings and orders by the international football governing body FIFA which advised Ugandan authorities not to risk investigating Eng Moses Magogo’s fate which is already on their table and almost coming to a conclusion or else the consequences may affect football in Uganda.

However, after thorough considerations on the existing laws, the Solicitor general has ordered the ministry of Sports to stay away from FUFA matters as it’s out of their mandate, in a letter to the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Sports, the Solicitor General highlighted many domestic and international laws that bar authorities in Uganda from intervening in sports matters.

“While both the allegations by Hon. Allan Sewanyana against Mr. Moses Magogo Hashim and the outcome of the investigations by the Federations of International Football Associations (FIFA are, rightly, of interest to the Government in view of their implications for Uganda’s image and the governance of sports in the country, it is important that the government’s approach to the problem is based on a clear appreciation of the delicacy that defines the relationship between national governments, national associations and FIFA.” Reads part of the statement.

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  1. Mutanje Abdu says

    Wouldn’t any action on Mr.Magogo by govt tantamount to double jeopardy?

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