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Opinion: Five Reasons Why People Power Is a Threat to Museveni

In this column today, I point out why Bobi Wine’s people power movement is a threat to president Museveni who has been in power since 1986 and he behaves like he entered state house yesterday.

The movement has proved a threat to the ruling government and has done all they can to discourage their efforts to unseat the 75 year old man from Rwakitura.

Bobi Wine himself hasn’t been around for so long but the little time he has been in politics has proved to be having hope for Uganda.

Unlike previously, Museveni hurriedly forced the central executive committee at Chobe Safari lodge in March this year and he also convinced the NRM parliamentary caucus in Kyankwanzi to endorse him as NRM’s sole candidate for the 2021 general Elections.

To prove he’s scared of People power which he tried and tasted in Rukungiri, Arua, Bugiri and Jinja by Elections. He kicked off with country wide early campaigns disguised as Operation wealth creation.

Immediately after the country tours, he started campaigns in churches and musical concerts. To prove his panic, he also registered as a musician with the musicians’ umbrella called Uganda Musicians’ Association and he’s said to be in the studios recording an album that will take him through 2021.

People power movement is a threat to the government and Museveni himself because they have proved that they are hard nuts to crack as seen below.

1.Youth Factor
Uganda has a promising number of youths who by all means dominate the voter registers country wide. Bobi Wine being a youth has sounded promising messages to the youths who are unemployed, are graduates and many of these lost hope. As he has always agitated for a clear agenda for the next generation, government is only focused on the next general election to consolidate itself in power leaving these youth vulnerable.

Given the youth corhort, Museveni will experience a hard time to convince the youths most of whom have been born during his regime that he wants to extend his rule to forty years.

2. Social Media and networking
It’s beyond doubt that social media has proved a big factor in the struggle for change.

Messages of people power are amplified far and beyond to audiences on social media especially twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. Despite challenges of expensive internet and social media tax, youths have proved to government they will still stand to listen to messages of the struggle.

3. People power crusaders unlike those of the NRM, work voluntarily. Museveni has groomed many of his supporters as beggars and he has stashed out billions of tax payers money just to bribe voters, buy favor from people and in turn many of those next to him work expecting a pay back. But people power crusaders work out of good will. Therefore you can’t base your struggle on cash and propaganda and expect to win people who work voluntarily.

4. Mobilization Ability and networking
People power has played their game better when it comes to mobilizing, well NRM has structures but they are ever inactive until Election time. Bobi wine in July this year to prove he’s determined un-veiled a group of regional coordinators for his people power movement. In a controversial turn of events, even NRM members joined people power and were appointed as coordinators, some of the rebel MPs like Barnabas Tinkasimire, Mbwatekamwa gaffa among others made it to the list. The people power movement is well connected and the gospel has gone even to the last village in Uganda.

5.Solidarity for Unity and togetherness
Unlike other political movements that are infiltrated with Mafias and moles, the current trend and wave of events all comes in favor of people power. With FDC having hope in three time presidential candidate Dr Kiiza Besigye, many have proved they can’t trust him again for the fifth time and think it’s time for new blood to take the lead in championing the struggle for change.

Despite the fact that People power has no structures, it’s die- hards cherish solidarity and unity with no pointing fingers, unlike NRM which is seen as Museveni’s sole Enterprise, People power is determined and makes every one feel ownership of the movement.

Will the youths support Museveni’s bid to rule Uganda for 40 years or work so hard to vote him out and he enjoys his retirement in peace. 2021 is nearer and Museveni is doing all he can to suppress the movement from blocking their meetings, music concerts, using police, banning their red berets by the army and intimidation of all sorts.

The NRM has run out ideas, and their hope is now in the electoral reforms that are under process to be passed by parliament though am optimistic many clauses even affect the NRM legislators who will not just pass the bills fwaaa like that after they were used and dumped during the removal of the age-limit.

Paul Ssenabulya
The writer is a Prospective Political analyst



  1. Robert Kyagulanyi is a favourite candidate. Sincerely contemporary society values legitimacy in the political leader. Uganda must now groom a new leader which can harmonise political biasness being piloted by the few rich.

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