One Ugandan Reportedly Killed in South Africa Xenophobic Attacks


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South Africans Attack Foreigners-FILE PHOTO

At least 105 people have been killed today in South Africa following riots that erupted in Johannesburg and Pretoria and to other areas during the xenophobic attacks against foreigners running businesses in South Africa.

However, one Ugandan identified as Ssekabembe Musa has allegedly been killed in these attacks in a location known as Thembisa in Johannesburg. Among those affected 24 Malawians, 39 Zambians,23 Tanzanians and 38 Zimbaweans have been confirmed dead in Pretoria and Johannesburg in the xenophobic attacks.

Xenophobia took bite in south Africa over the weekend and it has spread to other countries against South African businesses in other African countries like Nigeria, Zambia, Mozambique among others that are threatening to revenge.

The African union, celebrities and politicians across the globe have condemned the attacks which South Africans are doing against their fellow blacks. President Cyril Ramaphosa convened a high security meeting on Wednesday morning and ordered for arrest of whoever is engaged in attacking foreigners.

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    Southafricans stop that no sense e world is watching musa

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