High Profile Rwandan National Gunned Down In Kampala


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Crime Scene

Two Rwandan Nationals have been gunned down in Kampala on their way to Entebbe along the Entebbe express way at the beginning of the Nambigirwa Bridge near Mpaka stage when coming from Kampala

Ms Kamikazi Princess a Rwandan national and her body guard Ruhegyera Ntereho Joshua were were driving in a black Prado UAW 534B and her body guard is was a resident of Katabi, Mpala according to police.

This comes at the heels of rising insecurity concerns characterized with kidnap, killings and when the Rwanda- Uganda boarder tensions still hanging despite leaders of Uganda and Rwanda signing a peace deal in Luanda Angola late last month.

However by the time we failed this story, police hadn’t given a full report.

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  1. Okoth norman says

    The reason to the rampant killings in Ugandais caused by the security operatives who know exactly what to do and when to act and how to execute their moves but all are trained by the big guys who own the country

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