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VIDEO: When Mpuuga Was Shot In The Leg Over a Married Woman

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On October 12, 2010 at La Nova Hotel in Soweto Village in the now Masaka City is the place where now former Leader of Opposition and embattled parliamentary Commissioner Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba survived to kiss the grave when a man shot him in the leg over a beautiful woman the two were both chewing like ‘nsenene’.


Hell broke loose when John Ssempiira a former Masaka internal auditor and CMI operative found Mpuuga in a hotel room with his wife Harriet Ndagire the mother of his then 3-year-old-daughter. The two were enjoying kwepiicha sessions after a long day of campaigns.

Mpuuga was campaigning to the enter the August house to represent Masaka municipality for his very first time after being a minister and representative in the Buganda parliament’s Lukiiko. He won and has been consecutively elected back even when Masaka was elevated to city status, he’s represented Nyengo-Mukungwe division.

At the time of his shooting, Mpuuga of the Suubi Group was battling to oust John Baptist Kawanga of Democratic Party. The race also had Francis Kiiza of NRM, Suzan Nakawuki and Sande Mutesasira


Ssempiira later told Police that following a tip off that his wife had been seen entering the Hotel with Mpuuga, he pretended to book a room for the night and then scoured the rooms until he found his wife Ndagire in Room 20 with Mpuuga busy singing songs of praise and worship for the politician.

After shooting him, Ssempiira and his wife Ndagire quickly arranged to rush Mpuuga to Masaka hospital where he got first aid and later Ndagire drove him to Lubaga hospital in Kampala.

The issue was quick to be turned into political, even Mpuuga himself when speaking to Media from his hospital bed where he had been rushed for treatment at Lubaga, he termed the incident political. His Chief Campaigner Lauben Mulindwa who was Ndagire’s father also came in the mix and called it a smear campaign against his Muko and candidate.

Mulindwa even threatened to sue police over the same insisting that his daughter Ndagire, a teacher then at Kadugala Secondary School in Kalungi, only had a child with Ssempiira not married and the two had even separated so he had no guts to fight another man chewing Ndagire whom he had separated with.

Speaking to Media, police explained and attributed the shooting a woman the men Mpuuga and Ssempiira were bonking tubeless.

“I want refute allegations that this is political, there’s nothing political. It’s an issue to do with a private affair. After shooting, Ssepiira and the wife took him to Masaka hospital together”-said Taban Cheriga the then Masaka CID Boss.

The shooting incident indeed played positive for Mpuuga who pulled a landslide win over the other candidates and since then he has never looked back.

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  1. This malevolent story is maliciously developed by political actors who intend to fuel the feud between Mpuuga and NUP. It’s thus an ignorable worth.

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