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“Only That Am Busy But I Would Have Dragged Mpuuga And His Colleagues To Court”-Says Mabirizi

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Seems the Mpuuga issue is not about to settle now as people from different political divide and lawyers weigh in on how they perceive the issue. NUP in a statement indicated that they convened a meeting in which Mpuuga admitted to pocketing the now controversial Shs500 awarded to him as service award.


The statement by NUP further indicated that the soft spoken Mpuuga also apologized and was strongly advised to step down as parliamentary commissioner something he has vehemently declined. In his strong worded statement regarding the same, Mpuuga said he has not sinned and has nothing answerable about the money which is just an award and given to every MP.

Now city lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi Kiwanuka has in a statement also revealed that Mpuuga’s explanation about the controversial money even on CBS radio just left him naked and depicted who he is. Mabirizi says the legal provisions don’t back up him up.

“ Mpuuga Mathias Nsamba, a man I first met in 2009 at Makerere University when he abused his office as Youth Minister Buganda Kingdom to appoint Lukwago Rashid as chairperson Nkobazambogo without elections, has defended his ‘service award’ of shs500 million  the first and last of its kind without citing any law,” Mabirizi said

“Article 85(1) of the Constitution that “A member of Parliament shall be paid such emoluments, such as gratuity and pension, and shall be provided with such facilities, as may be determined by Parliament. Article 97 which states that members of Parliament that shall be entitled to such privileges as Parliament shall by law prescribe.”

“The above two articles have one component in common, Parliament must determine and reading of the two means an Act of Parliament. Article 257(1)(u) of the Constitution defines Parliament as Parliament of Uganda. Therefore, for any emolument or facility to be provided, a specific motion has to be presented, debated and passed by the entire Parliament leading to an Act of Parliament. It is such process that led to Parliamentary (Remuneration of Members) Act, 1981 and Parliamentary Pensions Act, 2007.”

Mabirizi further says that it’s only that he’s very busy and financially crippled but Mpuuga and the other three parliamentary commissioners would have been dragged to court over the same.

“If it’s not for my busy schedule partly attributed to case backlog caused by my 18 month’s imprisonment coupled by financial and man power deficiencies, MPUUGA MATHIAS NSAMBA, SILWANY SOLOMON, PROSSY MBABAZI AKAMPURIRA & ESTHER AFOYOCHAN who received this Shs500m ‘Service Award would be already facing Criminal charges because Museveni rogue prosecutors led by J.F ABODO and BETTY KAMYA can not charge them”-Mabirizi further says.

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