Don’t Arrest ‘Bazukulu’ For Idol And Disorderly-Museveni Orders


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Police Arrest- FILE PHOTO

Ultimate News has this evening learnt of an executive order sent to all District Police Commanders(DPCs) in Uganda not to arrest any one found in the trap of idol and disorderly.

In a circular that this investigative website has landed on, the Inspector General of Police on orders from the president of Uganda has directed all DPCs not to arrest people for idol.

“H.E the president of the Republic of Uganda has directed that no person should be arrested for the crime of “idol and disorderly”. The president has also directed that all those arrested for this crime be released immediately and prosecution discontinued”- Reads part of the directive.

Many youths are rotting in police cells over this case of idol and disorderly where the president has always directed no one should be arrested but police has defiantly continued to case Ugandans especially youths because at the end, for one to get out pays some amount of money between UGX 40,000 to UGX 100,000.

Let’s hope police will respect the directive and release all those arrested and halt arrests as directed.

  1. David says

    Wow that’s my president

  2. Edoru Samuel says

    I think the Police can now get to know their major roles and so allow the youth to relax their minds in the streets, some of them malinger in search for jobs but they aren’t idol.I salute you bwana H.E

  3. Kasigazi says

    Waapi atandise obukodyo ,anti elections are close

  4. Lakony says

    The president knows the right thing to do and in such a case, I for one know idol is forcedly turned into a crime yet it shouldn’t be.

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