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JOHN SEGAWA: A Plea For Unity And Respectful Discourse In Our Political Journey

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Dear Mr. Kyagulanyi and Mr. Mpuuga,

I trust this letter finds you in good health and high spirits.

I write to you with utmost respect and admiration for the significant roles you both play in our society. Your dedication to the betterment of Uganda, Mr. Kyagulanyi, as a prominent figure leading the #peoplepowermovement, and Mr. Mpuuga, as a respected leader, is evident and commendable.

I recall the profound impact of the documentary “Bobi Wine: The People’s President,” which allowed us to glimpse into the sacrifices made in the fight against the challenges posed by a shrewd dictator. It is clear that both of you [Mpuuga on A4C and walk to work which was equally bloody lest we forget] have made substantial contributions to the advancement of our nation.


Allow me to share a personal encounter that underscores my appreciation for your commitment to change.

Mr. Kyagulanyi, you are akin to a brother to me through our shared connection to the arts. Your background in the ghetto and your dedication to humanity have left an indelible mark.

Mr. Mpuuga, my first interaction with you was during the tumultuous times surrounding the play “The State of the Nation.” Despite the challenges we faced, your leadership in the face of adversity was evident.

As we navigate the complex landscape of Ugandan politics, I feel compelled to express a concern that stems from my deep respect for both of you. The essence of this concern is captured in the notion that machomanism and internal strife will not lead us to success in our political endeavors.

Politics, as I see it, is about forming alliances and garnering support for our causes. It is a delicate dance that requires us to build bridges rather than burn them. I implore you, my esteemed leaders, to consider the importance of unity, respect, and constructive dialogue in our shared mission for a better Uganda.

I draw inspiration from the teachings found in the Bible, where Jesus, when faced with judgment and condemnation, said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” It serves as a powerful reminder that, just like in our families, where imperfections exist, we should approach political challenges with humility and a willingness to find common ground.

In our pursuit of a brighter future for Uganda, let us emulate the strength of families who overcome internal conflicts by addressing issues within themselves. Instead of resorting to abuse and demeaning tactics, let our discourse be marked by understanding, collaboration, and a shared commitment to the well-being of our beloved nation.

I believe that by fostering a culture of respect and unity, we can overcome the divisive forces that threaten our collective goals. Together, we can build a legacy that future generations will look upon with pride and admiration.

Thank you for your time and consideration. May our shared vision for Uganda guide us towards a path of prosperity and unity.


The Writer Is a Ugandan Film Actor, Director And Producer.



  1. You have guided well. Sometimes I feel so bad when things go overboard and make us from central region appear to always fight selfishly. The only issue I have with the payment that has sparked this insanity is the failure by the Parliamentary Commission to see it fit to extended the same to those who formerly occupied the offices and those ahead.

    However, Mr. Kyagulanyi, our beloved, also overreacting. There’s no perfect being under the sun and you can’t win alone.

  2. It’s not about being perfect or imperfect under the sun, this is law. A spade must be a spade. The problem I see here is just double standards. If there is a descriperncy in parliament then the speaker or the assistant must explain so the floor can have a neutral ground.

    The parliament remuneration of members Act requires that a member be given gratuity on retirement. Section 2(3) of this Act defines retirement to include resignation and cessation to hold office for any cause. This means hon. Mpuuga received his gratuity lawfully. But the question comes, why the other former leaders of opposition such as Hon. Ogenga Latigo did not given their gratuity? As an emphasis on the rule of law the honorable should have asked him self the same question and lead to the fixing of the problem.
    I may not accuse Hon. Mpuuga but it is reasonable for anyone to think that for a retiring leader of opposition to receive that package he must first dance according to a certain tune and at the end of the day the on lookers will call it corruption.

  3. “A delicate dance that requires building bridges rather than burning them”.Integrity is so more important if we are to build strong institutions and nation at large. Mpuuga at first admitted all his faults but aftermath he is like refuting his apologies.

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