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Netizens React As Thieves Who Broke Into a Church Return Stolen Church Equipment And Seek Salvation

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“What!!!they are even stealing in the church but this a good lesson” People react after thieves who broke into a church in Vihiga return stolen church equipments and seek salvation.

Stealing is always not an option as most of the time things always end up the ending of the hard way. Alleged three men thought to have broken into a church in Esibuye, Vihiga County shocked residents in the area after returning stolen church items.

The three managed to tie the church gate man with a rope before walking into the church, slaughtered three chickens, smeared blood in church seats and walked away with PA systems, money worth Shs20,000 among other church equipments.

The church leadership got into a wrangle on how the matter was to be solved. They reported the incidence to relevant authorities, but mama kanisa by the name Priscilla Andayi sought the services of a traditional Dr. Mugwenu which bared fruits. Just when the service was going on, three men appeared at the church compound carrying all the stolen items themselves.

That marked the end of the Sunday sermon as everyone got confused. The three walked to the church alter with everything they had stolen. What shocked the congregation was that the suspects said they were the thieves and they wanted to seek salvation and be good people, but before they ended their statements, the police bumped into them.

“Hawa vijana wametuhangaisha hapa Ebuyangu sana. Wamekuwa sugu sana lakini tumepata dawa yao. Dr. Mugwenu alitupa solution na sahi mnavyoona tumewanasa mchana peupe,” popular and vocal mama kanisa Mrs. Priscilla said.

That marked the end of the service as everyone rushed to the police station where they were taken to hear more about the suspected church thieves.

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