photos: Uganda Police BUSTED after releasing fake ziggy wine CCTV Images at Causality Ward.


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Uganda Police on Tuesday released CCTV images showing how the late Ziggy Wine a fire base crew member as well as people power supporter arrived at Mulago Causality Ward.

However the public has come out to trash the CCTV footage claiming its fake and it should be treated with the contempt it deserves .

According to Ashburg Kato one of the social media influential analyses and states its impossible to drive from Kyebando to Mulago Casualty in one minute as the video footage tries to suggest.

From Kyebando it was 20:11:05 (8:11pm) and from Mulago Casualty it was 20:12:33 (8:12pm)…. This means Ziggy was driven from the scene of accident and within 1 minute he had already reached Mulago Casualty Ward. We all know this is impossible

Kato also continues to claim that when he tried to zoom the footage, it clearly shows the victim on the boda boda as a lady being supported by a man

Now we tried to zoom the footage and guess what?… It clearly shows that the victim on this bodaboda was a lady dressed in a dress being helped by a man

Ashburg Kato continues to question the Uganda police as to why it took 1 month to produce a mere footage which can be traced by time & date?

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  1. umar says

    I have never ever trusted this Uganda police
    and it being d source of kawunkuumi and robbers

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