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Singer Jose Chameleone Gives Priceless Advise To Eddy Kenzo

It was not a shock to any one when the System Volongoto hit maker Eddy Kenzo met the president early this week and moved out of state house singing songs of praise and worship to president Museveni whom he called a God given gift yesterday during a press conference he held at Mestil hotel yesterday.

Museveni’s money can make you speak in tongues after pocketing it and at all costs you respond to his stimuli once positioned well.

However, Singer Jose Chameleone who in the last election reacted to Museveni’s temptation and took part in the Tubonga Nawe project where several musicians praised president Museveni and later switched to DP where he was appointed National Coordinator has given Eddy Kenzo priceless advise of how he should go about with the situation after pocketing Museveni’s dime.

“That’s why they are going to buy you with gifts and prizes that overwhelm you but make you a slave to their opinions. After so many years they now want to share??? Do they really want to? Or it’s the pressure we have asserted this time round? They will only buy the moment NOT the time. Why have they made us beggars where we are able to work and benefit from our own hands?” says Chameleone.

Ofcourse the timing and message was directly projected to Eddy Kenzo who denounced his support for Bobi wine and Eddy Kenzo.



  1. Comment: chameleon, be mature and stop attacking people just because they support someone different from you. not everyone is driven by money and if you are, shame on you.

  2. Control your commentings, anyway is t bad to support the current president or the upcoming ones. Lets mature everyone knows who can meet thea desires

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