Thursday, June 20, 2024

Choosing To Advertise With Us

Over the years, organizations have been using several traditional forms of advertising and marketing such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines, outdoor media like bill boards but with this new era, digital web advertisement is the way forward to reach massive clientele. With our news websites, we aim to work hand in hand with companies so that they capture the maximum number of targeted clientele in the least time possible.

At Accord Communications Limited we believe in results, once a client chooses us to advertise for them their products, they count on us to reach their intended audiences through our social media platforms and our news websites and and our passion is to work with businesses to grow big and build confidence in brands.

Marketing is all about connecting and conveying the right message to the right audience and at the right time. And the end goal? Driving profitable customer action and confidence. However, this can only be achieved through the best channel that disseminates such messages where you (the client) counts the performance of the message conveyed through the reaction, reaction and the increase in sales.

With the statistics pointing at a possible population of 42 million for Uganda, the Internet penetration stands at 13 million users, of which 3.5 million of these are active social media users. This implies that 42% of the population have access to the internet, and 5.6% use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, and websites.

Therefore, there’s a big opportunity to optimize online marketing because it’s engagement is too quick with the audiences.

Accord Communications Ltd offers several placement options for high-resolution digital banner ads on our websites. We have a rotating system that can place multiple messages in a single spot. 95% of our visitors and readers access our content using handheld gadgets like phones and tablets. Of these 93% are with in Uganda and the rest of the percentage hail from other countries. Therefore, our content reaches the intended audience in Uganda and beyond.

It’s such a back ground that Accord Communications Limited is passionate about providing advertising space to clients to reach our audience in a more professional manner a unique way to reach company and organizational targets.


Accord Communications Ltd has the following services in advertisement and marketing; we place Digital banner ads, Permanent Links, Email adverts, sponsored content, Social media influencing, Associate publicity and also integrate adverts with in our content at competitive and fare prices.

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