President Museveni Exposes Political Intolerance At Kusasira’s Concert


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Museveni At Kusasira’s concert

As it has been the talk of social media and from all the corridors of power, Uganda’s President Museveni once again exposed how much he’s worried of leaving the country’s top job with out space for those who challenge him.

To take you back a it, as his government was bitterly blocking and cracking down Bobi Wine’s annual concert of 26th December at his Busabala beach, the 75 year old was busy calling Ugandans not to attend Bobiwine’s concert but instead attend that of Bebecool at Kiwatule and is seen in the video all his ‘Bazukulu’ to attend in big numbers.

As opposition are busy being engaged in running running battles with police wherever the step a foot in the pearl of Africa, president Museveni whose government spearheaded the return of multiparty politics through a referundum in 2005 seems to be interested in his earlier political script of Movement system.

Last Friday Museveni attended a music concert for one of his friends Catherine Kusasira dubbed ‘Tears of a woman’ at Serena hotel, fortunately or unfortunately one big headed musician and is none other than People Power diehard Ronald Mayinja shattered Museveni’s happiness of the day through a song titled ‘Bizemu’ which hits Museveni’s government.

Mayinja was thrown out of stage for spitting in the president’s face and Museveni had to defend his government by assuring Mayinja that his government has never killed any one.

However, this has caused mixed reactions from the populace and politicians with others praising Mayinja for taking a bold step to tell Museveni the other side of his government while others especially the NRM crusaders pinning mayinja for spoiling the president’s peace at the concert.

The Tears of a woman concert was later turned into a political rally which an expert can say organized through Catherine Kusasira who happens to be one of Museveni’s confidants in-charge of condolences especially for families of those gunned down.

This exposed Museveni’s true colors and greed for power and describes why he can do anything to save his seat that he has occupied for the last 33 years. He only allows Musicians who sing for him songs of praise and worship for his government and those who act centrally are cracked and battered to the last drop of their tears.

  1. kiddugavu says

    Past leaders were swines,they said it.Bad news if the present do follow those steps.


    President Museveni is a human being just like any one else, we struggle for power , consolidate it and retain it, now he is on the last step of retaining the power he attain through a self sacrifice, what has Bobiwine so far suffered to attain the power he longs for???? I call Bobiwine a political comedian, THE YELLOW FORCE TIGERZ, we are in full support of Jjajja Museveni, GWE WALABYEKO YE MWANA.

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