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BE HONEST: “The Small Family Clique Appointed You Leader of Opposition In Parliament”-Ssenyonyi To Mpuuga Again

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Recently appointed Leader of Opposition in parliament Joel Ssenyonyi has openly told off his predecessor Mathias Mpuuga to stop belittling the party that made him LoP a position he was just dreaming of while still in Mao’s Democratic Party.


According to Ssenyonyi, he wonders how Mpuuga when confronted over corruption and misuse of tax payer’s money turned the guns against National Unity Platform (NUP) a party that even made him Deputy President for Buganda. In his strong worded statement regarding the accusations, Mpuuga said NUP was under captivity of a small clique of individuals.

Appearing at NBS TV’s Morning Breeze, Ssenyonyi while asked about the small Clique talk about NUP initiated by troubled Commissioner of Parliament Mathias Mpuuga in his statement regarding the corruption accusations, Ssenyonyi known for taking no prisoner openly told off Mpuuga to be honest to himself and for the sake of the politics of Uganda.

“We need to be honest as leaders, when you talk about witch hunt, small family clique, the small family clique is the one that appointed you Leader of opposition, firstly Deputy president and you didn’t complain and say no this is a small family clique, it can’t appoint me Leader of Opposition in parliament, the small family clique appointed you Commissioner, you didn’t complain. Now when the so called family clique is saying you have acknowledge wrong doing, you step down then that’s when it’s a family clique”-said Ssenyonyi.

Ssenyonyi’s comments comes at a time when Mpuuga’s ultimatum of Seven (7) days given to him by his party elapsed yesterday. He was last week told by National Executive Committee to put in writing an explanation regarding the controversial money (Service Award) or recall him as Commissioner of Parliament.

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  1. The problem with some Ugandan opposition parties is that they struggle to dethrone the government, instead instead of working together for national development.

  2. Senyonyi should be very careful with some statements now in this confusing situation.
    This is bcos at the end of it all the electorates will determine who was right and wrong on what.Some statements should be left to the young man his deputy.Remembe LOP is not about NUP but the general opposition therefore some statements should be reserved because even in that NUP some MPs may be behind Mpuuga.We are watching the space🙏

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