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PAUL MUGOYA: The Soul of FDC Split Into Two

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The intolerance of diversity in ideas and personal power rivalry has played a big role in dividing FDC. This is not the first time members have moved out of Najjanakumbi. It’s not the first time to happened.

It first happened with Gen. Muntu. They normally leave with some of the soul but the bigger soul remains at Najjanakumbi because it’s the legally recognized registered physical address for FDC.

Lukwago has no legal mandate to call himself the FDC President. The structures that he used for his election are not legally binding and not recognized by the Electoral Commission.

Therefore, they do not have a legal mandate to be FDC leaders. They can be regarded as FDC-leaning independent members masquerading as FDC leaders. As for now, Uganda has yet to embrace multiparty dispensation, the political dynamics have not changed much. What we have now is a non-functional multiparty dispensation system.

Under a strongman system, multiparty systems do not work. The leaders have personalized power and have acquired absolute power, and in the African socio-political setting, multiparty politics has totally failed to thrive, instead has only exacerbated divisionism.

NRM Political Democracy in Uganda is yet to transition from militarism and is highly hinged on personalities rather than party ideals. That’s why Museveni as an individual, is more popular than NRM.

This explains why he is a permanent flag-bearer for NRM. In the coming elections, the opposition might find it difficult to get credible Presidential candidates who can win above 40% of the national vote.

Paul Polly Mugoya. Concerned Citizen.

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