Shock As NRM Pounces United Forces Of Change In Hoima And Kabong By-Elections


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President Museveni Wih Busingye

The ruling party National Resistance Movement has once again pounced opposition candidates in the by-elections that were held yesterday 26th September in both Hoima and Kabong districts to fill the positions of District Women representatives to the August house.

To cut the long story short, in Hoima NRM’s candidate Harriet Busingye took the day with Thirty Three thousand three hundred one votes (33301) and the joint opposition candidate Nyakato Asinansi Kamanda collected Twenty Eight thousand Seven hundred eighty nine (28789) votes.

The opposition had earlier on got an early lead but in a dramatic turn around as results from rural areas came in, NRM gained the lead to edge her out.

However else where in the boring election where an opposition candidate had asked to withdraw from the race and was forcefully retained by electoral commission, it was business as usual with Adyaka Judith Nalibe of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) collecting a handful of votes counting to One thousand six hundred ninety two (1692) as her NRM counterpart Tubo Christine Nakwang swept with a landslide victory totaling to Twenty Two thousand five hundred thirty two (22532)votes.

Declaration Form with Results from Kabong

President has already congratulated all the candidates in a tweet sent this morning.

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