Farmers Federation Blames Media and Music For Agriculture Stunt In Uganda.


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Executive Director of UNYFA Humphrey Mutasa During the Press Conference

By Hambali Jojo

Kampala: Executive Director of Young Farmers Federation of Uganda (UNYFA) – Humphrey Mutasa  had said that media should allocate enough airtime and space to agriculture as it has to music if the country is to achieve sustainable growth and development.

“Recently, I was part of a research and we discovered that most radio stations have between 13-17 hours of music. Radios have got very many musical shows. Most do not have even a program on agriculture. This is an impediment to the agricultural sector.”
“The fourth estate should give agriculture that employs more than 70% of Ugandans and contributes more than 44% to the country’s gross domestic product top priority,” he advised.

Denis Kabito, the federation’s national coordinator and Chief Executive Officer sounded their concern louder by stating that; “So much time has been put on songs like Parte after Parte.”

The coordinator stressed that, “Music is not the back born of Uganda” while presiding over a flag off function of 15 young farmers who are Germany bound at UNYFA head offices in Kampala.

Mutasa said radio stations should schedule call in programs about farming, arguing that this will lure youths into the activity which is one of the most lucrative in Uganda.

The young farmers will share experiences with various host farms in Germany, alongside acquiring knowledge in agriculture through hands on experience. They will be lectured on: agricultural mechanization, systems of production, global food systems and also attend international food programs during their three months stay in the country.

UNYFA is an umbrella body for young farmers in Uganda. It has over 50 young farmers associations and initiatives with more than 20,000 individual young farmers.

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