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STRANGE: Woman Bewitched, Private Parts Shift To Her Face

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My name is Jesca. This story I want to tell you today is a real story which happened to me mid last month and it is not a good one to wish it happened to even my enemy.

There is a woman who usually sells us fried fish in Dagoretti Corner. The woman just like Mama Oliech, has a very successful fish stall that is bringing her a lot of money. However she has another side of hers- she likes taking peoples husbands’. She did it to my husband with whom we have two children, one in standard one and another in standard 3.

Recently, a neighbor was the first to hint to me that the fishmonger (mama Amina) had started moving with my husband but I ignorantly dismissed the allegations as baseless until when I came to learn that it was true they have been having an affair for some time now.

A day later, my husband came back home and I also went to find out what about Mama Amina when I realized she had returned the same day. Instincts told me to look in my husband’s car and what I saw was evident enough to pick a quarrel with him. I saw Mama Amina’s sweater on the back seat. I asked my husband whose cloth was it but he wanted to divert my attention to something else.

I remained calm until next day when I confronted Mama Amina with the sweater but she told me, “Mwanamme hana mwenyewe wewe ni  mshamba aje ukipata wangu pia pita na yeye?” I cried uncontrollably.

I went back and thought of what I could do and finally called Mugwenu Traditional Doctor.  The traditional doctor says his spell casting powers work within 24 hours.

And when I visited him, Mugwenu did some witchcraft he only understood himself and asked me to go back home then wait for results. In two days I heard the whole Dagoretti Corner residents laugh saying: “Amekaa cartoon” I said let me go and see for myself and it was true the woman was having  private part on her face while my husband was swelling his private parts.

They realized I was the one doing that through a witchdoctor. I informed Mugwenu who told me to agree with them first with some cash if they wanted to be healed back. I asked mama Amina to pay me Shs350,000 which she paid before she was healed alongside my philandering husband. They have since stopped the nonsense.

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