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CASH BONANZA: NUP breaks Silence On It’s Other MPs Who Reportedly Received Unknown Cash Recently

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The National Unity Platform has opened up on reports that it’s some of it’s members of parliament who reportedly received some cash between 40, 50 to 100m each over yet to be known tasks in the past few days. According to NUP, the party would be in position to expose it’s members who receive this cash but there’s no incriminating evidence on the same.

For Mpuuga’s case, minutes of the parliamentary commission were shared on social media indicating how Mpuuga and other three commissioners shared a whooping Shs1.7billion among themselves and even himself (Mpuuga) admitted to having received Shs500m of the same.


The party says in 2022, at the instigation of some insider reports that all members of parliament were receiving cash whose source was questionable, the hastily convened a meeting where it cautioned it’s legislators from laying a hand on such dirty money.

Unfortunately, by the time the party convened the said meeting, two of their own Charles Tebandeke of Bbaale county and Dr Twaha Kagabo had already received it, Tebandeke had even already used it but Kagabo was still having it in cash and was advised to return it.

In broad day light, he showed up at parliament with cash worth Shs40m saying he had returned it. Parliament declined to receive it, detained him, briefly investigated by IGG, was forced to apologize to Anita Among and the rest is history, he crossed to Muhoozi’s MK movement, recently met Museveni and currently turned his guns brazing towards Bobi Wine and NUP the party he belongs to.

We publish the Party’s Statement verbatim.

“””We have taken note of several calls for the leadership of NUP to take action against its MPs who receive unjustified tax payers’ money in cash bonanzas that have come to define the 11th Parliament.

Firstly, we were the first whistle blowers about the 40M bribe given to MPs in 2022. At the time, only two NUP MPs Kagabo and Tebandeke admitted to having received this money. Kagabo was asked to take back the money and we all remember how it played out. Parliament refused to receive it, scolded him and subjected him to a disciplinary hearing. The situation was compounded by his own deficits in character, and before long he openly joined the looters. Tebandeke claimed that by the time we raised the red flag, he had already used the money. Several other MPs confessed that they had been called to pick it, but after our meeting and warning, they made a commitment not to pick it.

When we got information about another 100 million shillings bonanza recently, we publicly raised a red flag and warned our MPs against indulging in this criminality. On Thursday this week, information filtered in that the NRM MPs and some opposition MPs actually received 50M in January and were receiving the extra 50M on Thursday and Friday. Some apparently picked it themselves while others sent their assistants or relatives to pick it on their behalf. Apparently, it is usually given out in cash at the Speaker’s home or in one of those offices around Parliament or in Parliament’s basement.

The challenge we have been grappling with is getting concrete evidence of anyone picking this money, because it is done in a shadowy manner. There are a few people who have been confronted after allegations that they partook in this, and they made outright denials. In the absence of evidence pinning them, it becomes difficult to act.

We encourage anyone who has concrete evidence of any NUP MP picking this money to forward it to us in confidence so that we take action.

We know that not all opposition MPs pick this money. There are many who reject it outrightly. Because of their stance, many have been persecuted in many ways and have stood their ground. Therefore it is not fair to lump all of them together. The missing link is evidence.”””

The reason why Hon. Mpuuga’s case has been easy to deal with is because of those leaked minutes of the Parliamentary Commission, which he personally admitted were genuine from the very start. These minutes and admissions by the administration of Parliament became the basis for action.

The party says it has opened a full blown war against it’s own leaders and ready for the consequences even if it’s to cause an exodus other parties especially NRM whose leaders have said the doors are widely open.

This comes at a time parliament is under fire, under scrutiny over wasteful expenditure and misuse of tax payers money. The Uganda Parliament Expo has leaked and revealed a well coordinated line of transactions which those leaking them indicated all are orchestrated by Speaker Anita Among.

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