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OWEYEGHA-AFUNADUULA: Why Well-Being Of People, Society Is Ever Plummeting In Uganda

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By Oweyegha-Afunaduula

Uganda is one African country where individual well being is not integrated with environmental systems, but development is sought through dysfunctional politically and economically conceived schemes such as Myooga, Operation Wealth Creation and Parish Development Model with no environmental considerations.

Environment is continually assaulted as if it is an enemy of the “development” – the politicians with whom everything begins and ends!

What is necessary, if development is to take place and poverty is to be reduced rather than multiplied, is to cultivate a values-based, ecological worldview guided by love for integral ecology rather than disintegration of everything conceivable as if integration is a vice.

Such worldview can help lay the groundwork for collective action towards the greater well-being of people, society , country and the systems in which we live.

Sadly all our socio-culturally constructed life conserving bio-ecological systems are being destroyed through grandiose land grabbing of whole ecosystems, mostly by people whose human energy system is the nomadic pastoralists energy system.

They have power and they have the gun. They are disintegrating, dispossessing and displacing indigenous people from land and destroying their cultures and well-being for their own greed and selfishness.

They are largely responsible for the current climate change in the country, not only through land grabbing but also the land, water, agricultural and forestry policies they make, driven by the sterile culture of money, and their own possessive and acquisitive culture of nomadic pastoralism. This culture dictates that we move from one thing to another with no indication that planning is important.

So the well-being of citizens has been greatly sacrificed for the narrow interests of power, domination, glory and wealth. Integral Ecology does not matter. Culturally based development does not matter Values-based ecological worldview does not matter. People do matter. What matter are things, power, power retention, politics, domination and the alien culture of money.

We need to reconstruct our mindset regarding people, development, leadership and governance, which domineering, so that so that collective action is possible towards well-being that is integrated in an integrated environment. So far so bad. We are turning ourselves into the aliens of the 21st century.

We have made survival of the fittest as the cornerstone of governance and leadership in the 21st Century. Such governance and leadership is genocidal. All policies and laws will tend to be designed to ensure that survival of the fittest dictates who lives and who does not. The vulnerable victims are the poor and needy. No protection in the real sense of the word.

For God and my Country.

The Writer is a Ugandan Scientist And Environmentalist

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