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Former Powerful Museveni RDC Eric Sakwa Now Says He’s Struggling And Needs Help

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Over Thirty former RDCs and Deputy RDCs convened a meeting in Kampala to re-activate their cry to president Museveni to look into their issue over a bail out he had promised them when they last met him in August 2022.

The contend that when they met Museveni after the presidency dumped them in March 2022, Museveni promised them some ka money as bail out, few got them money, few were re-deployed and the rest over 50 remained on the street jobless and struggling to manage life after being RDC.


The made a call to the president over the same last year on 1st May 2023 but their former boss is still taking his time just like he has done to the arts teachers whom he has openly told not to rush him into raising their pay.

Of all the RDCs lamenting, a one Joseph Eric Sakwa is standing out of many since he’s famous and made a name for himself while serving as RDC Jinja district where he was too powerful to the extent that he could order for anything to be done on any one under his powers.

Eric Sakwa suffered a set back when he was arrested, charged and remanded, on the third day which was a Monday which was a Monday he secured bail but his job was long gone. He was accused of orchestrating the murder of some one in Jinja during the time when he was enforcing curfew in the areas of Lwanda in Jinja district.

He says all efforts to get back into the lane of power have all met stiff resistance, Sakwa says when presidency made new RDC appointments in March 2022, he read some where that he had been re-deployed to Kaliro district. He organized himself to go to Kaliro only to reach there to be told what he read was not true, he had not been given a second chance.

Sakwa says he hasn’t worked for three years. Even when he was acquitted, he wasn’t awarded costs yet he had to pay his legal team that secured his freedom from Kirinya prisons and even tussled it out to have his cases dropped.

The former powerful RDC now says wants compensation, a bail out from president Museveni or at least be re-deployed to have another line of survival for himself and his family.

He attributes his fate to the land grabbers, corrupt politicians in Jinja who were feeling uncomfortable with his style of operation. This prompted them to fabricate charges against him and this defined what happened to him next.

“What happened to me in Jinja was not prosecution. It was persecution. I was being accused falsely. I was framed because I was against corruption and land grabbers”-Eric Sakwa said while appearing on NBS TV

The very powerful RDC one time ordered for the arrest of a NUP leader in Jinja Pastor Andrew Muwanguzi in a drone, ordered for his beating very well and later dumped him back to town simply because the two had a disagreement during a political talk show at a certain Jinja radio.

Eric Sakwa one time ordered Besigye out of a certain radio station and ordered him not to ever return to Jinja again, he said as long as he’s RDC Jinja, Besigye will never step a feet in Jinja and the Lion of Kasangati predicted for Sakwa’s downfall saying he was being used but will be dumped after.

For starters, Sakwa born in 1982 and raised from Mbale would later become  a vocal UPC youth leader opposing Museveni government, he tried elective politics and things didn’t go well and it’s then that NRM poached him and appointed him.

Sakwa the man who is now lamenting how he’s struggling holds Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science from Makerere University where he joined in 2002 and left the University in 2005.

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