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Nakapiripiriti Elders To Endorse Minister Lokeris Sole Candidate For Checkwi County

NAKAPIRITI: A section of Elders in Chekwi county, Nakapiripirit  district have hatched a plan to make the state minister for minerals Mr.Peter Lokeris Aimat as their sole candidate under NRM come 2026 general elections.

Minister Peter Lokeris addressing a peace meeting in Nakapiripirit-Photo by Steven Ariong

Speaking to this website, Mzee Lorisa Tebakol an elder and a resident of Kadam hill in Nakapiripirit district says Lokeris is still a suitable leader who has has understood on how to help and solve  problems affecting the people of Chekwi.

“We still think Lokeris is still our best leader even though some youth try to come up to contest against Lokeris  we shall advise  them to hold on”-he revealed

Moding Apaloris another elder said Lokeris has never left his people of Nakapiripirit alone adding that whenever there’s  a problem in in the area he’s the first person to reach.

“Recently there was a wave of cattle rustling in Nakapiripirit and Pokot but he stood and United the two pastoralists communities”-he revealed

Who is Peter  Lokeris, born on 2nd February 1947) is a Ugandan politician and accountant. He is the current Minister of State for Minerals in the cabinet of Uganda.

He was appointed to this position on 16 February 2009. In the cabinet reshuffle of 27 May 2011, and that of 1 March 2015, Peter Lokeris retained his cabinet post. He is also the elected Member of parliament representing Chekwii County in Nakapiripirit  district.

He has continuously represented that constituency since 1996.

On Education.

Apaloris said Lokeris has helped hundreds of students of Nakapiripirit and Karamoja  at large to attain education of which some are already members of parliament together with him. He added that, others are veterinary doctors, nurses, teachers, drivers and many others.


This website also learnt that they are about more 40 students whom Lokeris is educating others in mechanical engineering and tailoring John Paul Loduk another elder said the reason they still love Lokeris leadership is good reception.

“When you get stuck in Kampala, and you call Lokeris, he quickly sends the vehicle to pick you up and take care of you at his home for many days and even pays for your transport back to Nakapiripirit but others are so tricky”-he said.

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