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How Prof. Nawangwe Is Ruling Makerere University Like His Home

When you hear Makerere University, what comes to your mind is that it’s an institution of higher learning where students lecturers and every thing is conducted maturely.

Unfortunately, the oldest and biggest University in Uganda is turning out to be like a Secondary school and a hub to University strikes year in, year out despite government’s efforts to make it the best University in East And Central Africa.

On November 1st 2016, the president passed a directive of tentatively closing Makerere University following a month’s long strike by both students and lecturers.

At this great University, if it’s the lecturers striking over unpaid bonuses and salary increments, it’s the students striking against fees increments and policies that keep changing like it’s just one- man business.

It should also be noted that the Uganda Revenue Authority took over the collection of all university payments by Students, instead university tuition by students is paid directly to the Tax man. Early this year on 18th January, the suspension of Makerere University Academic staff Association (MUASA) chairperson Dr Deus Kamunyu by Prof. Nawangwe also caused turmoil and lectures were help for close to three months

Yesterday students protested against the 15% tuition increment which is unfairly according to the students, the vice chancelor Professor Barnabas Nawangwe who has been at the helm of this University has turned it into a secondary school where himself can take decisions with out the consent of the university council.

After yesterday’s strike which was led by a one Sipelia Molie Saasirabo who is the head of the 85th Guild female caucus, the Vice Chancelor Barnabas Nawangwe has decided to expel her from the university without the consent of the University Disciplinary council.

The University vice chancellor however said the students stop de-campaigning the tuition policy at this time because it was approved by the university council. Are we made to believe the Vice-chancellor, the university council is heaven sent and their decisions can’t be challenged?

Every one keeps asking who is ever behind these endless strikes that have made the university loose shape.

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