People Power Iron Ladies Politely Petition Electoral Commission


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People Power Women League leaders addressing a press conference

The Women league of people power strong ladies led by Flavia Kalule have petitioned electoral commissioned over few days for voter verification exercise, plan to influence increase of nomination fees among others.

The iron ladies who appeared while donning their red berets urged electoral commission to increase on the number of days for this important exercise which kicked off yesterday 21st October and will end on 28th October which is just 7 days.

They also showed disatisfaction over a plan being bred by Electoral commision to increase nomination fees for presidential candidates from UGX10 milions to UGX100 milions and from UGX 3 milions to UGX 10 milions for members of parliament.

This group of strong ladies say the plan is directed to people power candidates who can’t raise this amount of money and will cripple democratic freedoms of Uganda and limit women from taking up electoral positions.

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