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VIDEO: FDC President Amuriat Applauds Women In The Struggle To End Museveni’s Rule

FDC party President Eng. Patrick Omoi Amuriat Addressing the Women League Conference

Forum for Democratic President Engineer Patrick Oboi Amuriat has applauded the FDC women league for leading and cherishing the stuggle to end Museveni’s 33 year regime.

While presiding over the FDC women league conference at Esera Hotel, Amuriat urged the women to help in holding Museveni’s regime’s accountable to all global commitments.

“We need a government with a clear accountability framework that lives up to the global commitments that it has made—in particular some of those commitments signed in the Millennium Development Goals and those that were made at the World Humanitarian Summit—as detailed in the Grand Bargain about Gender Equity.” Says Amuriat

The FDC president further challenges Museveni’s NRM government that has failed to leave to the global commitments on women empowerment.

“To date women suffer with no swift solutions to provide a conducive environment that guarantees equity”-Reads Part of his statment

His statements come at a time when Museveni’s praised security score card is diminishing and the country is experiencing criminalities that have hiked to the apex.

He applauded the force that women exhibited in resisting police brutality during the parties country wide tours. Early this year FDC travassed most of the regions in the country sensitizing Ugandans on the mess that Museveni has caused to the country, however wherever they stepped a foot, they were engaging police in running battles and on several occasions,FDC leaders were smocked out of radio studios on various incidences.

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