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“Parliament Never Paid Me Gratuity, Bring Evidence”-Bobi Wine Clarifies

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After denying that Museveni never forgave him any tax when he bought his bullet proof car shortly after the 2021 general elections, Bobi Wine has also denied receiving any gratuity from parliament as indicated by several people in parliament and else where in the corridors of power.


Via his social media handles, Bobi Wine says he never received Shs370m as gratuity and he challenges anyone with proof to present it to disapprove him.

Bobi Wine who is currently out of the country for foreign errands left issues at boiling point when he last week in a statement challenged his Deputy president for Buganda to resign from his position as Commissioner of parliament for receiving a controversial payment of Shs500m dubbed “Service Award” which Bobi Wine and NUP leaders question it’s legality and what he reciprocated for such a payment.

Amidst the uproar as the pressure on Mpuuga mounted, those in his favor said even Bobi Wine should refund money he received from parliament which he has come out to deny and instead clarify on what he received as member of parliament having joined the house in 2017 through a By-Election in Kyadondo East.

Below is what Bobi Wine has to say about the Shs370m and publish this verbatim.

I have never received 370,000,000/= from Parliament, and I challenge anyone who says that to produce proof of the same.

The only payment I received after leaving Parliament was out of the mandatory savings scheme, established by the Parliamentary Pensions Act, 2006. Every month, Parliament deducts 15% off every MP’s salary under this savings scheme. The law mandates the government to also make a contribution. It is the equivalent of NSSF for other sectors, because MPs do not save under NSSF. So this is not a favor from anyone but a mandatory payment guaranteed by law. It extends to every person who serves as Member of Parliament. Moreover, it is calculated based on the time you spend in Parliament, which is why I got much less than other MPs since I joined Parliament through a by-election. Actually at that time, if you were not yet 45 years of age and had not been in Parliament for more than 5 years, you could not even opt to keep your savings there. (See Section 13 of the Act.)

I hope this clarifies both matters. The deliberate attempt to divert the population from seeking answers using false narratives and propaganda must be rejected and treated with contempt!.

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