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Vocal NRM legislator Denied US Visa Over Homosexuality Remarks

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A vocal NRM member of parliament is cursing and disappointed after the US embassy in Uganda denied her a visa to go to the 68th session of the Commission on the Status of Women in New York.

Opendi the former junior health minister and Tororo women member of parliament has been vocal in the 11th parliament so far, from calling for the banning of the Nyege Nyege to suggesting castration for homosexuals which is what we presume is the main reason why her application for a US visa was rejected.


Sarah Open is currently fighting to succeed with her Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill 2023 where she wants Ugandans regulated on how and when to sip alcohol. Bar owners, musicians and manufacturers have all rejected this bill with fears it may render millions jobless.

Opendi also some time last year wanted to introduce a bill where people who cohabit for more than 6 months would be regarded married. She’s also now turning her guns to surrogacy where married couples who have failed to have a baby can hire some one to get pregnant on their behalf and have their children.

Ninety-six percent of MPs voted in favour of the bill and I am aware of a number of MPs that have gotten visas to the US yet they supported the bill”, said Opendi, the chair person of the Uganda Women Parliamentary Association expressing shock of her visa rejection.

In December last year, the US announced visa restrictions on hundreds of Ugandan MPs and their families over their involvement in the legislation of the Anti Homosexuality Act 2023 which was signed into law by president Museveni and is in the constitutional court pending judgement to stay it’s implementation or quash it like it happened in 2014.

The Anti-Homosexuality Act which is popular back home has received widespread condemnation especially from the western powers who have threatened serious consequences for the Museveni government over the same which comes with tough penalties including death, life imprisonment for persons convicted on Homosexuality related cases.
Since signing the bill into law, World Bank suspended funding to Uganda, the US struck Uganda off the list of the lucrative AGOA trade deals, some individuals in Museveni government have been threatened with restrictions and the prisons boss Johnson Byabashaija was last year given a travel ban by the US.
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