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“Museveni Did Not Forgive Me Any Tax For My Bulletproof Car”-Says Bobi Wine

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At the spark of the Mpuuga Shs500m issue that caused hi troubles with his party which even asked him to resign from his position as parliamentary commissioner, Bobi Wine has also been accused of mismanaging the party with his wife and brothers.

Well, Mpuuga declined the request by his to resign and he also said Bobi Wine and the party have no powers to clip his wings as commissioner, instead parliament has the powers like they did to Zaake.


Further Bobi Wine has been also accused of receiving money and other favors from President Museveni so himself too is not clean when it comes to corruption. What has been fronted much is the Bullet proof vehicle he bought and later told to pay a tax which the president reportedly forgave him through the URA Commissioner general.

Now Bobi Wine has come out to dispel the talk and made the following clarifications which we are publishing here verbatim.


Out of ignorance and sheer malice, some regime apologists, in response to our hard stance on corruption, have deliberately and repeatedly tried to drive the following false narratives:

1. That Museveni ‘forgave us’ some taxes on the bullet proof vehicle.

2. That I was paid gratuity of 370m when I left Parliament.

1. On the first issue, that bullet proof vehicle was legally imported and subjected to all legal processes. We had brought it under someone else’s name because we knew how they would react if they immediately knew it was Bobi Wine’s car. It was taken to the Directorate of Interpol in Kololo and they fully cleared it. It was then taken to the forensics department of police in Naguru, and they too cleared it. Then we took it to URA and they did their own independent verification and assessed the relevant tax of 88,612,027/= which we paid in full.

For several months, regime authorities raised no issue whatsoever. It was until we transferred the vehicle into my names that they panicked and tried to look for every reason to impound it. First, they claimed that bullet proof vehicles require the clearance of the ministry of defence, but there was no law to back this claim. After that, they wrote to us claiming that it was undervalued. They claimed that when the police first inspected it, they did not realize it was bullet-proof!!! You can imagine! They then asked us to hand it back to them, which we did in April, 2021.

Also, following the discovery that it was my car, they sacked the URA, Interpol and Forensics staff who cleared the vehicle. Some of them were even summoned by CMI for interrogation and detained. The man in whose name the car was imported had to run away from the country after receiving numerous threats.

We immediately sued the Commissioner General of URA through our late brother, counsel Wameli Anthony. (Civil Suit No. 67 of 2021). It is then that they wrote back to us to claiming that the car was undervalued. They claimed that instead of the 88,612,027/= initially assessed, they should have charged 337,698,776.25/= (Over three hundred million shillings).

As everyone can see, if the car belonged to any other Ugandan, they would never have asked for any extra money or even asked to re-inspect the vehicle. We believe that after realizing that this was my vehicle, they wanted to re-examine it and understand its features (or even plant some devices in there). No wonder, when they took it away, it was subjected to inspection by SFC and CMI operatives.

Anyway, we applied for review of this outrageous tax in accordance with the law, and issued a notice to also sue them before the Tax Appeals Tribunal. After more than two months from the time they impounded it, they wrote to us returning the vehicle, and because they are a bunch of politicians doing Museveni’s bidding, they claimed it was him who instructed them to hand it over. Even then, they claimed that the imposed tax was still outstanding, perhaps out of shame. They have never followed it up again because they know they had no legal basis whatsoever.

Therefore, MUSEVENI DID NOT FORGIVE US ANY TAX ON THAT VEHICLE. URA simply had no legal basis to impound it!

Bobi Wine who is currently out of the country for foreign errands appointed his Deputy President for Northern Uganda Dr Lina Zedriga Walu to occupy his sit and be the party president for 10 days.

The online Parliament Exhibition has unearthed a lot of well coordinated misuse of tax payers money by officials in parliament something the IGG has said will be investigated soon with some calling for the impeachment of Speaker Anita Among over her exorbitant expenditures.

There has also been fears that the Mpuuga issue might leave a big fracture in NUP like how money left FDC split into two packages, one in Katonga another one at the Najjanankumbi offices but Bobi Wine has vehemently stated that if talking about corruption will leave the party divided, so it be.

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