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TRENDING VIDEO: See What This Pastor Forced Christians To Do That Has Left Netizens Talking

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In the present day World, many religions have, cults and groups have mushroomed with each having it’s own practices in addition to those that the first denominations did and continue doing.

The denomination that has faced backlash and invasion by people and pastors doing weird things is that of the Born Again Christians commonly known as Pentecoastal churches in Uganda but the general term is pastor.

Many pastors have done un-Christian and Ungodly things to people, some have raped, molested and bathed their female congregants as a way of blessing them and cleansing them of bad spirits and misfortunes.


In Busoga, a one prophet (Nabbi) Daudi of the Universal Apostle’s Fellowship Church Of Righteousness is known to have told his followers to sell their pieces of land, bring him the cash so that he buys for them pieces of land in heaven of the same amount of money.

Nabbi Daudi has also in several videos been seen flogging and caning his followers some for not coming for prayers while on a different occasion for bringing little offertory and he canes both young and old as a punishment in the church.

Now there’s this yet to be identified pastor who is trending on line and has left people speaking after what he told his followers to do. The pastor set apart his legs and made his followers to pass through them while kneeling and crawling.

In Kenya, a pastor in Malindi at the coast forced his believers to fast and die so that they can meet Jesus face to face. This happened for quite some time and by the time the authorities got to know about it, over 350 people had died and buried in shallow graves in the Shakahola forest.

Authorities retrieved 429 bodies of Pastor Paul Nthenge Mackenzie of Good News International ministries who now according to reports is facing two years in jail.

In Uganda in the early 2000s, a pastor named Joseph Kibwetele of the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God, a group that had splintered from the Catholic Church in Uganda and became infamous after 778 of it’s members were found dead.

The horrible incident that remains fresh in the minds of Ugandans took place 23 years ago in South-Western Uganda’s Kanungu district, they were locked inside a Church, with the doors and windows nailed shut from the outside. It was then set on fire by the church’s leader.

Experts say, with the mushrooming churches almost everywhere, Uganda in particular sits on a time bomb if they’re not regulated. URA has since announced plans to go and tax their tithe collections.

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