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NRM Supporters Now Want Museveni Promoted To Top Most Military Rank Like Idi-Amin

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A section of NRM supporters from the great Bushenyi region now want president Museveni to be promoted from his current rank of General to the top most military rank of Field Marshal.

According to the group of NRM supporters who are seen in the video shared by NBS Tv clad in NRM branded yellow shirts say they president duly deserves the rank because of the journey Uganda has moved under his at the helm as president.


“If we do a flash back of Museveni who went to the bush with 27 guns, i remember the statement he made that it wasn’t a mere change of guard but Uganda was now set to change or to receive a fundamental change. It’s not wrong for us to sit down and say that he should be accorded a title of a field marshal because we feel he has done to the best that we deserve and more of it we shall achieve….”-says one of the NRM supporters.

If their request and prayer is answered and Museveni who calls himself Sabalwanyi is accorded the rank of Field Marshal, Uganda will have got the second president to that rank after President Idi Amin Dada who ruled the country between 1971 to 1979 presiding over a government that was brutal but also left an indelible mark with several achievements which are overshadowed by his negative side of leadership.

Being the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, President Museveni is the one who promotes others officers in the army to different ranks including the rank of General equivalent to his. He recently promoted his son Muhoozi to the rank of Full General.

But who promoted the president to the rank of Full General?

20 years ago on February 10th 2004, president Museveni was declared and promoted to the rank of Full General by the UPDF high command in honor of his outstanding contribution to the country. At this time, Museveni was the highest ranked officer in the Ugandan army higher that the then Lieutenant Generals Salim Saleh, David Tinyefunza now David Ssejusa, Elly Tumwine and Moses Ali who he shared with the same rank for two years.

“The High Command sitting on the December 29 2003 chaired by the Minister of Defence Amama Mbabazi , decided to honor RO/001 Lt Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for his outstanding contribution to Uganda, and UPDF before he retires from the army”- read part of the press release issued by the then Minister of Defense John Patrick Amama Mbabazi

“Museveni is the founder of NRA and has selflessly and steadfastly commanded the force from a small guerilla liberation army to a large, modern, conventional force ready to take on the challenge sovereignty and territorial integrity of Uganda”-Mbabazi added

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